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5 Tips for Changing Wifi Passwords with Different Wifi Types

How to change the wifi password for some people may be difficult because it is considered too complicated. In fact, it’s not like that, you slot bet 100 perak know! Changing the wifi password doesn’t need to call an internet technician because it’s only enough Spaceman to prepare a laptop, computer, or mobile phone. With so many existing wifi providers, of course changing wifi passwords is also different. This article will discuss how to change the home wifi password for all providers, which is easy and not complicated!

How to Change First Media Wifi Password

First Media is a broadband internet service, cable television, and data communication. Changing the First Media wifi password can also be done independently. Here’s how:

  • Make sure your PC, laptop, or cellphone is connected to First Media wifi
  • Type in the browser URL
  • On the web page, enter the user and password ‘admin’
  • After entering, click Wireless Settings and select Setup
  • Fill in the desired SSID (Wireless Network Name) and password. Then click Save Settings
  • A new password has also been created.

How to Change Cisco Wifi Password

Cisco is a brand that is often used on networks, such as wifi. To change the Cisco wifi password is not difficult. Here are the steps to change the Cisco wifi password:

Open a browser and type in the address bar to enter the router console
Automatically a username and password notification will appear
Leave the username field blank and fill in the password section with the admin or customer number
After entering the Setup menu, click Wireless
Enter Basic Wireless Settings, select Wireless Security
In the Security Mode section, select WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode, then in the Passphrase section fill in the desired password
Click Save Settings, the Wireless Router will automatically reload the new wifi password settings.

How to Change Wifi Password Using a Mobile Phone

The easiest way to change the home wifi password is to use a cellphone. Because besides that almost everyone has a cell phone, how to slot server filipina change the wifi password is not difficult. Here are the steps:

Connect HP with wifi

Then enter the IP address on the cellphone browser
Enter the router username and password
Select the Settings menu and look for the Network menu
Select WLAN, then click Security
In the WPA passphrase field, fill in the new password
Click Submit and the new wifi password has been changed.

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